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Advanced Health Informatics
Advanced Health Informatics

How Advanced Health Informatics, LLC can help your laboratory

AHI offers technical training and clinical laboratory consulting services in all clinical laboratory specialties including regulatory, managerial and financial services. Consulting services are provided to all types of clinical laboratories including governmental, academia, hospital,reference and physician office laboratories. In addition, AHI provides services to regulatory governmental and non-governmental agencies, to laboratory manufacturers that are involved in production of laboratory products ivermectin, as well as to marketing and financial institutions involved in financing and investing in the laboratory business. AHI provides services through our members/consultants who are specialized and certified in all laboratory disciplines.


Featured Articles

Proficiency Testing – Referrals and Sanctions

The laboratory consultant community is beginning to see requests from laboratories for education on proficiency sample referral. One most recent request prompted an investigation into Taking Essential Steps for Testing Act of 2012 (TEST Act) Final Rule. Download [0.23 MB]…

IQCP: What Comes After The Risk Assessment?

As we approach the waning months of 2015, the clinical laboratory community is entering the home stretch to devise, refine, seek approval and implement their Individualized Quality Control Plan (IQCP) or adopt the CLIA mandated minimum standard of running two levels of quality control (QC) each day of testing. Download [177.00 MB]…

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